Foods That Make Your Salad Fat

You’ve opted for the healthier salad over the greasy foods. This is it, you’re really becoming an adult. Then, you pile on some dressing, three types of cheeses, bacon, fried chicken strips and a dash of olive oil. Mission accomplished. If this sounds like you, then this list is for you. While having a salad is technically better than NOT having a salad as they saying goes: “there’s levels to this.”

Salads are the veritable poster food for healthy eating.But what’s really in what we’re eating? The above fantasy salad could easily top out at 800-1100 calories and that’s just for a single meal. That’s more than a burger. Imagine avoiding eating a bacon cheeseburger but loading both bacon and cheese into your salad? Unmitigated salads are a great way to pack on all those calories you think you’re avoiding in other meals. Here are the salad “accessories” that you should be avoiding:

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