These 5 Olympic Beards, 'Staches And 'Dos Deserve A Gold Medal

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The Best Hair Looks At The 2018 Winter Olympics

These 5 Olympic Beards, ‘Staches And ‘Dos Deserve A Gold Medal

Robert Johansson

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Norwegian ski jumper Robert Johansson's epic mustache has sparked odes and praise on social media — as it damn well should. Johansson and his luscious 'stache won bronze on Saturday, but you and I both know he really won gold. Want to steal his look? Check out these mustache grooming rules.

Shaun White

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Even with his stylish Macklemore-esque look instead of his trademark flowing red locks, Shaun White remains 'The Flying Tomato' in our books. As a matter of fact, a burger joint in Korea is serving a Flying Tomato Burger for $920, purchasable only by Mr. Tomato himself. If you want your 'do to quaff like White's, you better have some great hair product. 

Johnny Weir

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Are we watching the Olympic Games or the Hunger Games? Figure skater Johnny Weir's hairdos and style are legendary every Winter Olympics and PyeongChang is no different.

Peter Michael

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It's business in the front, party in the back for speedskater Peter Michael. The New Zealander' the mullet is stuff of legend and certainly worth mimicking. That is, if you weren't alive to remember the 1980s and 90s.

Christopher Spring

Credit: Instagram @spring.chris

What's a proud Canadian without a grizzly beard? I should know, I happen to be a Canuck. Olympic veteran Christopher Spring is doing his new country proud at this Olympics. He'll be competing in the bobsleigh for the third time at the Olympics, but the second time for Canada. He used to compete with Australia. Want to take care of a nice beard when it's cold out? Make sure to follow these dos and don'ts of winter beard grooming.

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